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The ultimate in drying technology

Custom Design

For the customer with unique needs, a Proto-Vest engineer can design a custom drying system for any number of applications, from aviation, automobile manufacturing, to assembly line processing, bus drying and of course the car wash industry. Custom applications are handled factory direct to ensure customer requirements are met in an efficient manner.


Installation is another great service that we perform with zero limitations. From Rooftop installs and Adjacent room installs, to installation of customized motor placement for tight spaces, to motor home installs, there is no area that we cannot reach.

In House Repair

Complete in house repair service performed in a timely manner. We are able to repair front & back sensors, VRS assembly, sensor cables, VRS cables and bags, complete with our bag loaner program to ensure that you are up and running while the repairs are being made to your bag. Prices are competitive and customer service is at the top of our industry.

Custom CAD Designs

Although we carry a wide range of standard machines that fit almost any car wash, there are situations where a custom dryer design is needed. With over three decades of custom dryer design experience, a Proto-Vest engineer can configure a dryer solution for your facility’s individual needs.

Equipment Sales

We pride ourselves on providing all of the new top of the line dryer systems and accessories for your business. Our sales team is comprised of knowledgable individuals who are well trained to help you find a dryer that works best for your business goal. We also carry a line of discounted dryers and can provide feedback on which system is better for you

Energy Efficient Dryers

Energy Efficiency

At Proto-Vest, we make every effort to design and build our dryers as efficiently as possible throughout our business. Most of our dryers are touch free and use very low horsepower to strip water from the vehicle surface, offering an effective drying solution at high volume line speeds. We are able to build them to effectively dry a vehicle without having to sacrifice performance or quality.

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