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What we do

Our dryer models utilize electronic control devices, solely developed and patented by Proto-Vest Dryers.

These systems offer superior, fully automated vehicle drying while helping reduce energy consumption, lower noise levels and save money for the “ma” wash owner/operator.

How are our drying systems different?

Our drying systems offer superior, fully automated vehicle drying capabilities.
With an emphasis on durability, lower noise levels, and energy efficiency, some of our dryers pay for themselves within 12 – 16 months of operation.

What makes us unique?

Celebrating over 50 years in business, we hold over 40 patents on various products with several more pending!

Innovation end creativity are at the heart of our business solving the needs of our clients across the globe.

Why Proto-Vest Dryers?

We are a global supplier specializing in the development and manufacturing of car, large truck, and custom drying systems.

Car Wash Dryer Machines

Low Maintenance

Proto-Vest Dryers are manufactured using only the highest quality materials. This helps lower maintenance expenses, prolong the life of the dryer, and improve your profits.

Drying Performance

Proto-Vest Dryers full line of dryers offer superior drying performance and provide the lowest energy consumption and the lowest noise levels in the industry.

Customer Centered

Proto-Vest Dryers dedicated team members goal is to maintain and exceed the industry standard by Driving innovation, Solutions, and Service to your business!

Quality You Can Count On

Our units are produced with 100% aircraft quality aluminum versus other plastic alternatives. Our commitment to quality means our clients get a low-maintenance product that lasts for years!

The 4 keys of Our Renascence

(A Rebirth to a Cultural Change)

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The Process With Our Customers

  • First, we collaborate with them to understand their true needs. (The actual cars per hour, internal and external sound requirements, and any other unique requirements they might have.)
  • We then provide one specific option with maximum performance. We offer two other options for flexibility and objective.
  • These systems offer superior, fully automated drying performance while reducing energy consumption at lower noise levels that save quantitative money.

Customization of Dryers to your needs

  • Because of our dryer’s efficiency, we have multiple dryers that can pay for themselves in 12-18 months on the electrical savings alone.
  • Hard to believe? We can prove it with basic math. We welcome the challenge.
  • Exceptional global automotive manufactures, with benchmark performance, continue to purchase our dryers the past 5 years including 2022. They believe the energy saving and our quite performance as we continue to support each other.

Upgraded Our Labor Force

  • Within the last year, we have dramatically upgraded our labor force with talented welders, assemblers, small parts, and CAD/CAM designers.
  • Their “Can Do Attitude” has been infectious. A new program is if an employee discovers a significant cost reduction greater than $1,000 per year, we split the saving for the first year. If this is not WIN/WIN, then we don’t know what is.
  • This program is significantly helping to offset the multiple price increases we are experiencing from our global supply chain.

Customizing Our Standard Product

  • Innovation and Creativity are the “Heart and Soul” of our business solving the needs of our client’s unique needs across the globe.
  • Over 35% of our sales is “Custom Work”. We enjoy providing options to customers who are innovative and challenge the status quo. We truly enjoy breaking barriers with our customers!
  • This creativity, over the past 53 years in business, is why we have over 40 patents on various products with serval more pending. By listening, we continue to learn from our customers.

Our Motto

Proto Vest Dryers Team

It Is Never Good Enough.

It’s Either Right or It Is Wrong!

Our History

Proto-Vest Dryers, which stands for prototype investments, specializes in the development and manufacturing of car wash drying systems. Family owned and operated since its inception in 1970, Proto-Vest Dryers has a diverse background including car washes, leasing and manufacturing. As the leading manufacturer of car wash drying systems, Proto-Vest Dryers holds over 40 patents on various products with several more pending. Particular dryer models utilize electronic control devices, solely developed and patented by Proto-Vest Dryers. These systems offer superior, fully-automated vehicle drying while helping reduce energy consumption, lower noise levels and save money for the car wash owner/operator
Car Wash Drying Systems Manufacturer

Proto-Vest Dryers

At Proto-Vest Dryers, we make every effort to design and build our dryers as efficiently as possible throughout our business. Most of our dryers are touch free and use very low horsepower to strip water from the vehicle surface, offering an effective drying solution at high volume line speeds. We are able to build them to effectively dry a vehicle without having to sacrifice performance or quality. Whatever type of car wash system you operate, Proto-Vest Dryers has the dryer to meet your needs. Proto-Vest’s Dryers stringent standards in material selection for its car wash drying systems result in extended equipment life and reduced maintenance. Our car wash dryers will improve the efficiency and profitability of any type of car wash from conveyor to automatic/rollover operations.

We Love Custom Projects

Over 35% of Our Sales Are for Custom Projects?

Custom Car Wash Drying Machine

Rooftop Installation

Past designs include installing blower motors and silencer equipment on the roof of the facility. This unique design helps free up much needed space in narrow bays as well as helps with noise level reduction inside the wash.

Adjacent Room Installations

In some instances, its best for the dryer’s blower motors and optional equipment to be housed in an adjacent or remote room, separate from the wash bay/tunnel. In this case a Proto-Vest Dryers engineer will design a solution to meet your exact specifications.

Customized Motor Placement

Narrow tunnels, limited floor space and a variety of other factors can make it difficult to fit standard equipment. Aside from placing blower motors in adjacent rooms or the roof, special customized add-ons can be built to solve space limitations.

E460 Annual Performance – Electrical Power Savings (Michigan)

(18) Motors 15 HP vs (2) Motors 30 HP
Energy Savings Proto Vest

Power Consumption

270 HP X 0.746 kWh/HP = 201kWh

Up Time

12 hr/day X 7 day/wk = 84 hr/wk
84 hr/wk X 52 wk/yr = 4,368 hr/yr

Consumption Cost

201kWh X 4,368 hr/yr = 877,968 kWh/yr
877,968 kWh/yr X 0.14 $/hr = $122,916/yr

Power Consumption

60 HP X 0.746 kWh/HP = 45 kWh

Up Time

12 hr/day X 7 day/wk = 84 hr/wk
84 hr/wk X 52 wk/yr = 4,368 hr/yr

Consumption Cost

45 kWh X 4,368 hr/yr = 196,560 kWh/yr
196,560 kWh/yr X 0.14 $/hr = $27,518/yr

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