bag sale

We are knocking big money off the standard bag set prices!*


Are your Proto-Vest dryer air deployment bags showing their age? Even though the bags are built to last, the harsh car wash environment could cause them to be in need
of replacement. If this is the case then now is the time to act.  During the months of May and June we have our annual bag sale.


WindShear Series – Sale $1795

Models Include: WindShear I | WindShear II

IP Series – Sale $2895

Models Include: 90NU/IP730 | 90XSU | U325/IP330

Stripper Series – Sale $2595

Models Include: 90S | 90T | 90XS | 90N


*Factory Complete Bag Sets Only. If you don’t see your machine listed here, call us before June 30th for a sale price quote. Material Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Black