• (1) 15-hp Motor
  • High vehicle count per hour
  • Low Maintenance
  • Compact design

Several air bag material colors available:

Proto-Vest 90XS Dryer:

The extremely efficient 15 hp 90XS dryer is engineered to fit into limited space and is ideal for high volume carwash operations. This system is comprised of (3) inline overhead and (4) side Proto-Duck air delivery bags that are designed to gently follow the vehicle’s contour with a feather light touch to strip water from the surface!

Features / Benefits

Patented Design:

Pressurized air flows through seven patented air delivery bags which strip water from the vehicle’s horizontal and vertical surfaces. It dries the hood, roof, deck, windows and sides of the vehicle

Low Maintenance:

Light maintenance and periodic cleaning is recommended to ensure peak performance.

Line Speed Efficiency:

The 90XS dryer has proven to be the most efficient drying system made. With a 15-hp blower, the 90XS will give you approximately a 95% dry car at any line speed.

Efficient design:

Designed to provide the driest car possible with an automatic drying system. The 90XS patented nozzles gently glide over the vehicle’s surfaces, literally stripping away the water.


A: OVERALL LENGTH : 75 9/16 in.
B: OVERALL WIDTH : 150 5/8 in.
APPROX WEIGHT: 1545 lbs.

Motor Spec:

  • 15hp, 3600 RPM’s
  • 208 – 230/460 volts
  • 1.15 service factor
  • Frame: 286TS
  • 3 Phase
  • (TEFC) Totally enclosed, fan-cooled

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