• Reduces horsepower up to 80% between cars
  • Reduces ramp-up time
  • Shortens demand time
  • Prolongs motor life
  • Easy installation, fits all Proto-Vest Dryers

Proto-Vest Dryers AirGate®:

The Proto-Vest Dryers AirGate® helps you save money by cutting horsepower usage up to 80% between vehicles! This option also works to prolong the life of the motor by reducing the motor load without affecting dryer performance. The AirGate® is available for all Proto-Vest Dryers and can be added with little or no modification.

Features / Benefits

Reduce Energy Use:

The AirGate® eliminates the ramp-up time between vehicles lowering your electricity use without affecting the performance of your Proto-Vest Dryers.

Easy Installation:

The AirGate® attaches directly to the inlet of the blower, which makes it easy to install to your Proto-Vest Dryers drying system in a minimal amount of time. The AirGate® also comes completely assembled and ready to install with all components/valves.

Low Maintenance:

The Proto-Vest Dryers AirGate® requires little to no maintenance!

Compact Design:

Designed to attach to the intake of any Proto-Vest Dryers blower with limited space needed.


  • A: OVERALL LENGTH : 44 in.
  • B: OVERALL WIDTH : 21 7/168 in.
  • C: OVERALL DEPTH : 9 1/4 in.

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