Centrifugal vs. Vane Axial Fans

centrifugal vs vane axial

What other facts make Proto-Vest dryers more unique than its competitors? Why do we use Centrifugal Fans rather than Vane Axial?

See the differences between our dryers that use centrifugal fans and the competitors that utilize vane axial.

centrifugal fan

Centrifugal Fans

• They displace air radially, which also move a relatively constant volume of air rather than a constant mass.

• They use kinetic energy of the rotating impellers to increase the speed and volume of an air stream

• Constant volume, high pressure

• Less energy is needed to run the dryer because of how the system effectively uses its air flow


vane axial

Vane Axial Fans

• Vane axial fans distribute air in different directions in a constant mass.

• Blades rotate around an axis that draw air in parallel to that axis and force air out in the same direction

• High volume, low pressure

• Less energy is needed to run the dryer but creates less pressure than centrifugal fans


Download an infographic chart of the fan comparisons here.