Conveyor Tunnel Dryers

Proto-Vest, Inc. manufacturers several dryer options specifically designed for conveyor tunnel car wash operations.  Our dryers are perfect for car wash conveyor tunnels operating at a high volume regardless of line speed.

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IPS conveyor tunnel dryer

IP Stripper

IP330 conveyor tunnel dryer


IP345 conveyor tunnel dryer


IP730 conveyor tunnel dryer


90N conveyor tunnel dryer


90XS conveyor tunnel dryer


Windshear II conveyor tunnel dryer

Windshear II

Windshear I conveyor tunnel dryer


T260 conveyor tunnel dryer


T130 conveyor tunnel dryer


Tailwind conveyor tunnel dryer


Features and Benefits:

• High performance
• Superior quality
• High efficiency
• Low operating costs
• Simple installation
• Long lasting
• Low maintenance
• Custom design capability for size, space and location constraints
• Standard bag colors are blue, red and green.  Custom colors available.

Our systems are engineered for maximum drying efficiency using low horsepower thereby reducing operating expenses. Our plenums are made from 5052-H32 aluminum that resists corrosion while the bags are fabricated using durable Proto-Duck™ material that resists tearing.  Our blower/motor covers and Silencers are rotary molded from high-density polyethylene.

Although our dryers are already energy efficient and quiet, we offer optional equipment like the Proto-Vest AirGate which can reduce electrical costs and a Silencer Package which further reduces operating decibel levels.

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