custom designCustom Car Wash Dryers

Although we carry a wide range of standard machines that fit almost any car wash, there are situations where a custom dryer design is needed.  With over three decades of custom dryer design experience, a Proto-Vest engineer can configure a dryer solution for your facility’s individual needs.

roof-mounted Rooftop Installations

Past designs include installing blower motors and silencer equipment on the roof of the facility. This unique design helps free up much needed space in narrow bays as well as helps with noise level reduction inside the wash.

Pioneer-Petro Adjacent Room Install

In some instances its best for the dryer’s blower motors and optional equipment to be housed in an adjacent or remote room, separate from the wash bay/tunnel. In this case a Proto-Vest engineer will design a solution to meet your exact specifications. Whether the equipment is being placed in an existing separate room or being built in a new facility specific for this need, Proto-Vest can accommodate.


Customized Motor Placement

Narrow tunnels, limited floor space and a variety of other factors can make it difficult to fit standard equipment. Aside from placing blower motors in adjacent rooms or the roof, special customized add-ons can be built to solve space limitations. In this example, a custom stand was developed to hold the motor above the dryer. Air delivery bags can also be customized to direct air flow exactly where it is needed. Changing the size, shape or even color to fit your needs.

Customized Dryer for Motor Home

Check out our latest pictures on one of our custom designed dryers for a RV motor home.

RV-Motor-Home-Dryer RV-Motor-Home-Dryer-4RV-Motor-Home-Dryer-2

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