Diablo Dryer

Features and Benefits of the Proto-Vest Diablo Dryer:

  • Compact Design is Ideal for Tunnels, Rollovers and Self-Service Operations
  • Touch-Less
  • High Vehicle Count Per Hour
  • Retrofit Drying System
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Plenum Adjusts 12 Degrees in either direction for precise calibration
  • Patented Proto-Vest DryersDesigned Bag That Distributes Air Evenly

Several air bag material colors are available in three dual combinations:

ed Tips/Black Bag, Green Tips/Black Bag, Blue Tips/Black Bag

We offer the unique option of different bag colors. Custom colors also available.


Proto-Vest Diablo Dryer

The Diablo is a retrofit for existing blower/motors that is designed as a side dryer application. It is a compact design for short tunnels as well as a perfect finishing dryer for high volume applications.

Proto-Vest’s Diablo Dryers is designed to easily dry at very rapid speeds. Adapters are available to fit pre-existing motor blowers from most major manufacturers.

The Diablo converts an existing blower-motor into a dedicated side dryer. It can operate independently or can be combined. It is comprised of 2 plenums that adjusts 12 degrees in either direction for precise calibration. This patented accessory utilizes a bag designed to distribute air evenly across the vehicle’s surface as it passes by the equipment.

Proto-Vest’s Dryers stringent standards in material selection for its dryers result in extended equipment life and reduced maintenance. Its plenum is made from 5052-H32 aluminum, and its bags are produced from durable Proto-Duck™ material to resist corrosion and tearing.



  • A: OVERALL HEIGHT : 78.75 in.
  • B: OVERALL WIDTH : 28 in.
  • C: BAG HEIGHT : 70 in.
  • APPROX WEIGHT: 30 lbs

Optional products that can help save energy and reduce noise are available for most Proto-Vest Dryers.


The AirGate® is a valuable option that not only reduces horsepower, but also prolongs the live of your dryer’s motor. The AirGate® eliminates the ramp-up time between vehicles lowering your electricity use without affecting the performance of your Proto-Vest Dryers system. The AirGate® is an option for any Proto-Vest Dryers.

Silencer Package

Silencer Package img
The Proto-Vest Dryers Silencer Package is compatible with all of Proto-Vest Dryers, enabling our systems to meet and exceed OSHA noise regulations. This technology reduces decibels generated by the impeller’s tip speed, rapid moving air being drawn into the blower assembly and discharged air from the blower.

Easy Install Motor Cover

Over time RO water can cause the outside of the dryer motor to look rusty. While this rust has no adverse effect on the motors performance, it can be an unpleasant sight in an otherwise clean car wash. The Easy Install Motor Cover offers the solution. In addition the cover also helps protect the motor from damage.

Proto-Pow Bag Cleaner

Proto-Pow, a biodegradable bag cleaner from Proto-Vest Dryers, effectively cleans the air delivery bags on all Proto-Vest Dryers by removing dirt, wax, scum and lime deposits. It will improve both the appearance and longevity of your Dryers.



Easy Clean Car Wash – Schererville, Indiana


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