IP Stripper

IP Stripper Car Wash Dryer
Click here to watch the Installation Bag Video for the IP Stripper dryer system.
  • (1) 30-hp Motor
  • Touch-Less
  • Line speeds up to 120 cars per hr.
  • Dry back windows of vans and SUVs
  • Integrated Processor (VRS)

Several air bag material colors available:

bag colors

Proto-Vest IP Stripper Dryer:

The new IP Stripper is designed to follow the contours of any type of vehicle to provide the closest proximity and therefore the best drying results using the least amount of horsepower.
The IP Stripper can dry at 120 cars per hour including the back windows of pickups, vans and SUVs, while only using 30hp and one overhead bag! The IP Stripper is equipped with Proto-Vest’s cutting edge integrated processor! This mainframe includes the vehicle recognition system (VRS) which detects approaching vehicles and sets in motion a series of activations for the IP Stripper. One of the many operations the VRS controls is the optional Proto-Vest AirGate®. When a vehicle is detected, the VRS will open the AirGate® and keep it open for the entire length of the vehicle. Once the vehicle has exited the dryer, the VRS will then close the AirGate® to minimize energy usage and maximize motor longevity.

VRS (Vehicle Recognition System)

The VRS differentiates between the types of cars that enter the dryer. If an open bed pickup is detected, the overhead bag will retract away from the vehicle once the cab has passed through. If the optional AirGate® is installed, it will close at this time to help minimize splash-back from the open bed. The bag will then stay up for the duration of the bed to further reduce splash-back. However, if the VRS detects a tonneau cover, it will leave the AirGate® open and descend the overhead bag to dry the surface of the cover. The VRS also contains an integrated timer that tracks the frequency of vehicles being dried. The timer then determines when to turn the motor off/on between cars, never letting the unit start more than 30 times in an hour. This maximizes the efficiency of the motor which allows for greater energy savings while ensuring motor longevity.

This unit has both a front and rear sensor that lets the overhead bag effortlessly follow the contours of any vehicle within inches to optimize drying performance while maintaining the lowest horsepower of any touch-free dryer.

ip stripper chart


A: OVERALL LENGTH : 99 7/16 in.
B: OVERALL WIDTH : 160 3/4 in.
C: OVERALL HEIGHT : 112 7/8 in.
D: BAG HEIGHT : 84 in.
45 in. to 90 in. off the ground.

Motor Spec:

  • 30hp, 3600 RPM’s
  • 230/460 volts
  • 1.15 service factor
  • Frame: 286TS
  • 3 Phase
  • (TEFC) Totally enclosed, fan-cooled

ip stripper pdf Download PDF Spec Sheet

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