• (1) 30-hp Motor
  • Touch-Less
  • High vehicle count per hour
  • Integrated processor, performs pick-up functions
  • Ideal for a variety of line speeds

Several air bag material colors available:


Proto-Vest IP-330 Dryer

The incredibly efficient IP330 independently turns itself on/off with a self timer for shut down (to protect the motor), opens/closes the optional AirGate® between cars, recognizes open bed pickups and holds up the overhead bags until the bed is cleared, descends the overhead bags to dry tonneau covers when they are detected, and performs self diagnostics with LED indicators. Best of all there are absolutely no controller functions needed from your controller with this system! The IP330 proficiently dries at any line speed and features pin point drying capabilities making it ideal for conveyor operations.

Features / Benefits


Integrated Processor Logistic System:

The IP Series will recognize pick ups, perform open bed functions, turn the dryer on/off , and open/close the Proto-Vest Dryers AirGate® between cars. Plus, there will no longer be any manual adjustments required when using the IP Series.

Line Speed Efficiency:

IP Series dryers are the most efficient touch-less drying systems made. With a specially designed 30-hp magnum blower, the IP Series will provide a dry car at a variety of line speeds.

Silencer Package:

The optional Silencer Package reduces noise levels produced by the motor/blower assembly to more environmentally acceptable levels.

Patented Touch-less Design:

Pressurized air flows through five (5) patented air delivery bags which strip the water from the vehicle’s horizontal and vertical surfaces. It dries the hood, roof, deck, windows and sides of the vehicle.


  • A: OVERALL LENGTH : 169 1/4 in.
  • B: OVERALL WIDTH : 171 5/8 in.
  • C: OVERALL HEIGHT : 118 in.
  • D: CONVEYOR CENTERLINE: 34 1/8 in.
  • APPROX WEIGHT: 2745 lbs

Motor Spec:

  • 30hp, 3600 RPM’s
  • 208 – 230/460 volts
  • 1.15 service factor
  • Frame: 286TS
  • 3 Phase
  • (TEFC) Totally enclosed, fan-cooled

Ace Car Wash Systems – Holland NEWLY ADDED!

bear creek

Bear Creek Car Wash NEWLY ADDED!


Millbrae Car Wash – Millbrae, CA

Optional products that can help save energy and reduce noise are available for most Proto-Vest Dryers.


The AirGate® is a valuable option that not only reduces horsepower, but also prolongs the live of your dryer’s motor. The AirGate® eliminates the ramp-up time between vehicles lowering your electricity use without affecting the performance of your Proto-Vest Dryers system. The AirGate® is an option for any Proto-Vest Dryers.

Silencer Package

The Proto-Vest Dryers Silencer Package is compatible with all of Proto-Vest Dryers, enabling our systems to meet and exceed OSHA noise regulations. This technology reduces decibels generated by the impeller’s tip speed, rapid moving air being drawn into the blower assembly and discharged air from the blower.

Easy Install Motor Cover

Over time RO water can cause the outside of the dryer motor to look rusty. While this rust has no adverse effect on the motors performance, it can be an unpleasant sight in an otherwise clean car wash. The Easy Install Motor Cover offers the solution. In addition the cover also helps protect the motor from damage.

Proto-Pow Bag Cleaner

Proto-Pow, a biodegradable bag cleaner from Proto-Vest Dryers, effectively cleans the air delivery bags on all Proto-Vest Dryers by removing dirt, wax, scum and lime deposits. It will improve both the appearance and longevity of your Dryers.

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