Large Application Dryers

While the majority of our high performance machines are found in car washes nation wide, Proto-Vest technology is also a perfect fit for any large format drying operation. Proto-Vest dryers can be found in applications such as train, bus, and even aircraft wash facilities. We have engineers that can customize a drying package to fit the individual size, placement and structural requirements of your large format wash operation.

Large App WindshearII Front

Large Format WindShear II

The patented custom large application Windshear II is a stand alone system that is ideal for custom operations with over sized vehicles. This patented unit is engineered to use two (2) 30-hp Magnum blowers, plenum and three air delivery bags to direct air around the vehicle as it passes under the equipment arch.


Large vehicle dryers for truck and bus
Large Format T260 & SideShot Combo

The Proto-Vest custom large application T260/SideShot combination acts as a powerful modular dryer that provides complete vehicle coverage. Together these patented systems use 30hp blowers, plenum and air delivery bags that are designed to direct air around the vehicle as it passes through the equipment. Both the T260 and SideShot’s blower/motor assemblies are engineered for maximum efficiency as well as cost effectiveness to save you money while providing a proficiently dried vehicle.

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