Noise control – facts and ways to handle it

IPS Package with silencer

Noise control – facts and ways to handle it

Why do we need to control noise in our environment?

Handling noise control can be quite the challenge! The last thing a car wash owner and operator wants to deal with are complaints from people of their noisy car wash business. They have this issue because most modern dryers do not automatically come with sound suppression, as it is a costly upgrade to manufacture for each model of dryer. We strongly encourage these owners and operators to explore sound suppression technology and equipment for many reasons.

Dryers without some type of sound suppression are at risk with regulatory agencies in particular OSHA. OSHA has some of the strictest compliance regulations when it comes to protecting the employees that work near and/or around the system to protecting the neighbors around the environment. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in fines and fees and/or closing the facility until all noise ordinances are met.

That is why the Proto-Vest Dryers “Silencer Package” was developed to enable our dryers to meet OSHA, federal, state, and local noise reduction standards. Proto-Vest Dryers offers After Market Silencer Packages for all of our dryers both old and new. When purchasing new dryer equipment would be to request engineering specifications listing the decibel levels both before and after silencing equipment has been installed.

The OSHA permissible noise exposure is 85db for an 8 hour shift. By reducing noise levels into the 70db to 80db range, you can be assured of a more pleasant and safer environment for both your employees and customers. The Silencer Package reduces decibel levels on Proto-Vest Dryers on an average of 10 decibels making them approximately 10 times quitter than the un-silenced models! Proto-Vest Dryers and its engineering protocols allows our manufacturing process to minimize the cost to suppress our dryers as we are the only manufacturer in North America that has patents on our design/engineering whereas we are considered the ‘Quietest’ dryer in the industry without the added sound suppression silence models.

We know that being a car wash owner and/or operator is not an easy job but it is important to make sure that you have an ergonomic sound environment that meets OSHA standards ensuring for a better working conditions for the employees in and around the facility. Researching and planning your additional equipment purchases will maximize productivity and give everyone a more stress-free and safer environment. That is why we do our best to provide you the Proto-Vest Dryers silencer package to ensure that your dryer is not only as energy efficient as it can be, but also delivers the best experience in suppressing noise for your customers and surrounding community.