Proto-Vest Employees

In conjunction with our manufacturing team, our administration employees promotes Proto-Vest’s commitment to effective and collaborative processes, which translates to successful results for our clients. The Proto-Vest team consists of individuals experienced in a broad range of departments including Marketing, CAD Engineering, Sales, Accounting, Purchasing and Customer Service.






Christopher McElroy – Chief Executive Officer

Christopher McElroy, youngest son of founder Lucian “Mac” McElroy, is CEO of Proto-Vest, Inc.  Chris started in the welding department at Proto-Vest in 1994 and worked in all facets of production until he took over as Plant Manager in 1999.  He has contributed to numerous product designs and personally holds nine patents on various systems that include aircraft deicing, bag design, the IP Stripper and the Airgate.  Chris has helped Proto-Vest, Inc. continue to drive innovation of products that offer superior, fully-automated vehicle drying at the industry’s lowest noise levels while reducing energy consumption thus saving money for the carwash owner.


Team member Tammy

Tammy Gardner – Director of Sales

Tammy has been with Proto-Vest for over 3 years! She has worked for top industrial manufacturing companies and helped to drive sales of many key products and services.


Eva - Proto-Vest Employees

Eva Berrios – Director of Marketing and Advertising

Eva’s creative background is anchored by roles as a web designer and marketing specialist but has over 10 years of graphic design experience with an emphasis in creating new innovative ideas for the visual elements of marketing and advertising campaigns and to expand our share in the market.


Alex Avitia

Alex Avitia – CAD Designer

Alex has a total of 2 years of experience with CAD, Revit and Inventor.  He creates drawings and designs custom car wash dryers per customers’ needs and requests.  He just graduated from the ITT Technical Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree in Drafting and Design.

new employee

Matt Velasquez – Customer Service and Purchasing

Matt is the newest member of the Proto-Vest team with an Associates of Science Degree where Human Resource Administration was his main focus.  His experience in customer service and sales made him the perfect candidate to take on the role of our purchasing and customer service agent.  Please contact him with your questions and parts orders for repairs.

kathy laux

Diana Ramirez – Administrative Controller

Diana communicates with customers on their financial queries with regards to their invoices and supports them in setting up voucher payments, direct debits, etc.