Rare Things To Consider When Choosing A Dryer

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Rare Things To Consider When Choosing A Dryer

Car wash manufacturing businesses have made it very clear that they can provide the most efficient drying results for your car wash.  Other than saving you money with low horsepower motors and producing low cost operations, there are other benefits to owning a proficient, high performance dryer that people don’t know exist.

Reducing Labor Costs

Some car wash businesses use employees to towel dry the whole vehicle.  Why would you need 5 or 6 labors to dry the whole vehicle when you can invest in a drying machine that strips most of the water off the surface? It is impossible for any dryer in the world to strip 100% of the water off the vehicle surface.  No matter which dryer you purchase, there will always be water present in hard-to-reach areas, like your side mirrors, bumper and tires.  However, investing in a strong drying system can reduce labor costs by removing most of the fluids so that you don’t have to rely on as much labor.  With a proficient drying system, you can rely on it to do most of the work and have 2 employees instead of 6 of them drying those hard to reach areas.  You can still have those other employees perform other duties in the business.

Advantages of Centrifugal Fans

So what else gives a dryer its power? The type of fans play an important role in the functioning of a motor.  Unlike the vane axial fans that distributes air in different directions and in a constant mass, other dryers use centrifugal fans that move a relatively constant volume of air.  These fans use the kinetic energy of the rotating impellers to move the air against the resistance and also increase the speed and volume of an air stream.  The more the system utilizes its air flow, the less energy it takes to run the dryer.  A drying system’s performance and energy efficiency are directly related.  The more effectively a system uses its air flow, the less energy is needed to run the dryer. When a system requires more horsepower, it requires more energy and additional operational costs.  Proto-Vest Dryers is one of the companies that uses centrifugal fans in their drying system, combined with patented gussets in their air deployment bags to disperse strong air flow facing in one direction.

Adaptable Dryers that Finish the Job

It’s a bonus to purchase a finishing dryer that can strip the water off the sides of a vehicle, especially one that can adapt any blower to it! Proto-Vest Dryers has a dryer that can meet these expectations called the Diablos.  The Diablo is a retrofit for existing blower/motors that is designed as a side dryer application.  It is a compact design for short tunnels as well as a perfect finishing dryer for high volume applications.  These come in handy with car wash businesses that use multiple overhead dryers in their tunnel.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to say that your dryer is energy efficient and that it works.  You might choose multiple dryers that uses 10-hp motors or a drying system with individual nozzles.  A dryer may not dry a vehicle 100% but it is best to invest in a drying system that will help you reduce labor costs, utilize its air flow and finish the job, putting a smile on the customer’s face when they leave the tunnel!


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