Silencer Package

  • Reduces noise levels to meet OSHA regulations
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fits all Proto-Vest Dryers

Proto-Vest Silencer Package:

The Proto-Vest Silencer Package is compatible with all of Proto-Vest dryers, enabling our systems to meet and exceed OSHA noise regulations. This technology reduces decibels generated by the impeller’s tip speed, rapid moving air being drawn into the blower assembly and discharged air from the blower. With the Silencer Package installed, sound levels are reduced at an average of 10 decibels, ensuring a pleasant environment for both your customers and employees.

Three components make up the Silencer Package:

Blower Inlet:

Reduces the noise generated by rapidly moving air being drawn into the blower assembly.

Blower-motor Cover:

Houses the blower and motor completely to absorb noise emitted from the motor and impeller while providing the assembly additional protection.

Riser Can:

Absorbs the noise created by the blower, impeller and the movement of the air as it leaves the blower by advancing through the dryer’s plenum.

How Much Quieter Is It?

First, we need to understand a few things about sound levels. A decibel is the smallest single unit of loudness difference in sound pressure that the human ear can detect. Ten decibels are ten times more intense than one decibel, 20 decibels are 100 times more intense and 30 decibels are 1000 times more intense. In other words, a difference in 1dB corresponds to a change in sound of about 25%.

The Proto-Vest Silencer Package reduces noise decibel levels of the dryer on average of 10 decibels. This means that a Proto-Vest dryer using the silencer package is about 10 times quieter than an unsilenced model.

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