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T130 testimonials

T130 Dryer

“I work for an animal health pharmaceutical company.  We started a new process where large 1 liter bottles are autoclaved with hot raining water in a pressurized chamber.  We were looking at options of how to dry and cool the bottles exiting the autoclave.  We looked at several air knife systems where bottles would be dried individually on a conveyor for further downstream processing.   We asked Proto-Vest sales and engineering groups if they could do the drying while they were still in the bulk container holding 400 bottles.  They proposed the T130 Wind Shear car wash dryer.  I provided their group with the dimensions of our system, and they quickly sent me an approval drawing to look at.  The proposed system was very robust with a 30 HP motor and 2900 RPM speed.  It included a large blower with a molded casing.  The plenum is made of aluminum.  A tear resistant bag distributes the air.   We liked the idea, and proceeded with the order.  Delivery time was very quick and it fit into our schedule well.  It took one day to install.  We were very impressed after our first trial runs and it performed as advertised.  It was a very cost effective solution for our unique application.  A nice owner’s manual comes with the dryer too!”

Mark Ariagno

Manager Engineering and Facilities

Strategic Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Performance Car Wash

We were remodeling a 20 year old car wash and building a new 6 & 2 wash at the same time.  The old wash we were remodeling was a 7 bay self serve with no automatic.  We know from our first car wash that the automatics are the profit centers — if you can deliver a great wash without a long wait.  We realized to be fast and to avoid dragging a dryer over top of the cars in the bay, dripping water and creating extra maintenance issues, we would need free standing dryers.

The dryer is the key to any good car wash.  However, it is continuously overlooked.  We tried every dryer we could find in south Florida.  We really learned a lot about dryers and what makes them work.  We found the dryers that could supply a concentrated amount of air to the vehicles surface (not necessarily horsepower and the number of nozzles) stripped the water from the vehicles surface.

It came down to two dryers that performed like we wanted but one was very loud.  We had already been shut down at our first location over dryer noise issues.  So our choice was easy.  Our Proto-Vest Windshear has been in use close to a year at our renovated site and we have not had one dryer complaint since its operation.  How many operators can truly say that!

We have been disappointed by a number of equipment purchased over the years by overstated claims and lack of dependability.  That makes our purchase ever more appreciated.