Top 5 Reasons To Own An Energy Efficient Car Wash Dryer

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Top 5 Reasons To Own An Energy Efficient Car Wash Dryer

I’m sure some of you aren’t invested in the “go green” movement but more and more people are choosing to save energy now.   To some people, the thought of saving energy is broad and does not apply to them.  I have heard people saying that they just want a car wash dryer that works and do not care much for energy efficiency.  Electricity can easily be taken for granted and the next thing you know, you receive an electric bill for $500,000 – okay maybe not that much but you understand what we’re saying.  Here are our top reasons on why you should own a dryer that uses low horsepower for your car wash.


It’s a no-brainer: Using less energy saves you money in the long run.  It has been repeated many times in all of the energy consumption articles you have read but it is a pretty important reason that cannot be ignored.  Who wouldn’t want to save money for their business? There are more reasons to save energy that extend beyond the obvious in cutting back on your bills.


Electricity is generated using methods that hurt the environment so if we can reduce the demand of it, the emission of harmful pollutants will lower as well.  Consuming less energy will have a better impact on the Earth and even wildlife.  Operators do have options available to make their new or existing systems more energy efficient.  The manner in which the system is started, the frequency of start-ups and energy expenditure between vehicles are all areas that an operator should focus on to effectively control the use of energy.  Some products that aid in energy savings are AirGates® and VFD systems.


You can use motors with low horsepower without sacrificing drying quality and performance.  For example, Proto-Vest Dryers
uses motors equipped with impellers that exert more volume, pressure and control the airflow better.  A good dryer with energy efficient add-ons enable us to do more while using less energy.


Just like with a Proto-Vest Dryers, equipment lasts longer when you add products to lower the ramp up time of a motor.  Without any control devices or equipment that can control the use of your motor, you would not only be spending more on electrical costs but you would be replacing the motor quicker than usual.  It takes a lot of patience and diligence to maintain a car wash dryer but who wants to constantly stress about replacing the motor and spending a lot of money in a short amount of time?


This is an issue we often forget! Climate change is a concern.  Having less pollutants circulating in the air means that you and your coworkers are breathing better air.  Don’t forget to take care of yourself in your car wash environment.

Want to avoid these possible issues for your car wash? If you haven’t already, start going more green today! Energy conservation is very beneficial for car wash businesses and other industries. You can save money, increase your productivity, protect your health and the environment all through energy-saving measures.  Enjoy all of the perks of being energy efficient by becoming more energy-conscious of your car wash business!