We pride ourselves in providing custom design, developing and manufacturing high quality air dryers, primarily for the car wash industry. Watch this quick video on why customers choose Proto-Vest, Inc. as their #1 source for vehicle drying systems and equipment!

Watch this fun video filmed with a 360 virtual reality camera! You can see our Custom SideShot II dryers used at Haffner’s Car Wash in Massachusetts.

Here is quick clip of a customer riding through the Florida Super Wash in Riverview, FL.  You can see a 90NU dryer unit towards the end!

Demonstration of Proto Vest T 130 Shear Air Car Wash Dryer Used In Pharmaceutical Setting

Heavy duty military wash system using our custom Proto-Vest dryers

Benny’s Car Wash Tour in Baton Rouge, LA using the IP Stripper and S130 dryers.

Here are our Proto-Vest dryers at Benny’s Car Wash.

Here’s a fun video filmed with a Go Pro camera running through Goo Goo Car Wash in Warner Robins, GA.  Notice our IP Stripper towards the end of the video!


Mister Car Wash using the Proto-Vest dryer in Humble, Texas.

Here is Redwood City Car Wash using our WindShear dryer with custom colored orange bags!

Learn how to properly install your bag to your Proto-vest dryer system in this short training video.

Here’s a quick video showing some good tips on replacing your impeller on a blower housing unit.

Watch our step by step process on how to properly remove the bag that is already installed on your IP Stripper dryer system and replacing it with a new bag using the correct tools and process for this procedure.


At its inception Proto-Vest revolutionized the car wash dryer industry with the Stripper dryer. After 31 years of being in business, Proto-Vest has created a dryer worthy to be called the Stripper. Introducing the new IP Stripper! This system is designed to follow the contours of any type of vehicle to provide the closest proximity and therefore the best drying results using the least amount of horsepower. The IP Stripper’s compact, touch-less design can dry 95% of a vehicle at 120 cars per hour (including the back windows of vans and suvs!) while only using 30hp and one overhead bag! It’s even equip with Proto-Vest’s integrated processor which allows it to recognize pick ups, perform open bed functions, turn the dryer on/off, and open/close the Proto-Vest Airgate between cars. In turn, the IP Stripper doesn’t require any functions from the tunnel controller or dryer adjustments since the integrated processor analyzes and executes all of the necessary actions to produce a proficiently dried vehicle!


This video was shot at the Proto-Vest factory in Glendale, AZ during the Western Car Wash Association’s tour in January 2010.  Proto-Vest provided lunch and a tour for everyone, it was fantastic.

Posh Wash Auto Wash’s newly installed Energy Efficient, Custom Built Dryer by Proto-Vest. Touch Free drying at its best!

A fan who made an origami Proto-Vest dryer bag!